First Aid & Chainsaws

The Heritage Bushcare crew when using chainsaws and brushcutters often work in isolated places.  It is the policy of the company that there are always at least two people when working with this equipment.

Injuries from this equipment can be severe and immediate first aid is vital.   So, the company searched online for the essential equipment needed in a first aid kit.  The most common finding was that all recommended that a first aid kit was necessary when using a chainsaw but not what it was.

As part of safe work practices, a comprehensive mobile first aid kit is always in the vehicle but as the workers often have to carry all their equipment into the actual site the kit is not practical as weight and hand-ability are limiting factors.

So after some research, it was decided that  and one person would have a small lightweight backpack first aid kit and everyone would carry a No 15 Wound Dressing in their pocket.  This wound dressing is a compressed pad with an attached gauze bandage.

This practice is also a physical reminder of the need to be vigilant when using chainsaws and brushcutters.


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