Start With The Leaves

In September 2011, Heritage Bushcare published Start with the Leaves: A simple guide to common orchids and lilies of the Adelaide Hills by Robert Lawrence.

This book is for anyone interested in orchids from the complete novice, who would like to know about plants, to landholders, and bushwalkers through to bush-carers and professionals completing biological surveys.

The book features:

  • 50 orchids seen in the Adelaide Hills, most of them common
  • Lilies, bulbs and some weeds which can be confused with orchids
  • Eight easy to see categories of leaves indicated by a distinctive icon
  • Coloured pages for each leaf category
  • Photographs in natural settings showing the variations within each species
  • A life-size representation of each flower
  • Check list for identifying other orchids (the same principles of identification can be used for other plants)
Though written for the Adelaide Hills (ie, the Southern Lofty Region) because of the plants dealt with, it is also relevant for the following regions:
  • Northern Lofty
  • Yorke Peninsula – 27 of the 50 orchids featured
  • Kangaroo Island – 36 of the 50 orchids featured
  • South East – 42 of the 50 orchids featured
  • western region of Victoria – 41 of the 50 orchids featured
Front Cover

The retail price for Start With The Leaves is $27.95.  If purchased from the author, postage and handling extra.

Start With The Leaves can be purchased directly from Heritage Bushcare  via the Contact Us page.

As well as being available direct from the author, Start With The Leaves is available from:

  • Adelaide Hills
    • State Flora, Belair National Park
    • Matilda’s Books, Stirling
  • Fleurieu Peninsula
    • Normanville Natural Resource Centre
  • Adelaide & Suburbs
    • Dymocks Adelaide
    • Trees For Life

On the link below is a sample of what is in Start With The Leaves.
Book Flyer.pdf

Since the book has been on sale, many people have asked about who was the publisher/printer.  We self published the book and used Richmond Press* as our printer.  We wanted a local printer who was sympathetic to the local flora which was the case with Tim Robson* as he is a member of one of the local land care groups.  Another factor in our choice was being able to vet the colours in the proofs.

Tim Robson has since retired and Richmond Press is no longer in business.

  1. I am a beginner observer of orchids and I find this book extremely useful, even on yorke peninsula, where I visit the orchid patches in various reserves. Quite a few of ‘our’ orchids aren’t in the book, but there are enough to keep me looking. The book is particularly useful cos I have now learned to ‘start with the leaves’.

    • Hi Lib,

      Yes it is worthwhile looking at the leaves and not just the flowers. We are glad that this book helps.

      If you need help with identifying an orchids, than contact the Native Orchid Society of SA –

      They have people who can help and have also produced an electronic South Australia’s Native Orchids which does have information on the orchids on Yorke Peninsula

      Robert Lawrence

  2. Elizabeth Reid

    Hi, i would like to purchase the “Start with the leaves” orchid book. May you please let me know how i may order one?

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